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  • Regular Scheduled Series (RSS), One-Time Activity or Enduring Materials
  • Requesting Category 1 CME Credit

Please read the entire Application and the CME Activity Development and Documentation Guidelines before planning the activity or completing the application.


This Application process applies when a School of Medicine faculty member wants CME credit for an activity not organized directly by the staff of the Office of Continuing Medical Education. It applies whether a unit of the School of Medicine or an external organization organizes the activity. When the organization directly managing the activity is not part of the School of Medicine, this is referred to as Joint Sponsorship and requires the additional completion of the Joint Sponsorship Supplemental Application (Joint sponsorship forms are only available by contacting the CME office directly). Significant faculty involvement is required for externally organized activities. WE ARE NOT PERMITTED TO GRANT CME CREDIT UNLESS THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE/CME OFFICE IS INVOLVED IN AN ACTIVITY BEFORE TOPICS AND SPEAKERS ARE FINALIZED.

This application is also used for “Enduring Materials,” which is ACCME’s term for activities such as videotapes, instructional online or computer activities, or printed material, the use of which involves the provision of CME credit. However, these activities are handled on a case-by-case basis by contacting the Director of Continuing Medical Education prior to beginning the CME application process.

The Application and Review Process

The application, along with the Joint Sponsorship Application (if appropriate), must be submitted to the Office of Continuing Medical Education for review by a CME staff member and approval by the Director. An application for a Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) should be received at least four (4) weeks before the series begins; for a one time activity (for example, an annual conference), the application should be submitted in the early stages of planning –prior to any publicity being made available to the anticipated audience. Exceptions will only be made in very unusual circumstances such as an activity that responds to an emergent need. No application will be accepted after the activity has occurred. Because the approval process includes a review of publicity materials to assure that they include required information, the application must be submitted in time for it to be reviewed and for the activity manager to make any changes that may be necessary in publicity materials before they are printed. The staff of the Office of Continuing Medical Education is happy to assist applicants when they have questions or concerns about the application and required documentation.

When an application is deficient, the CME staff reviewer will contact the activity manager to discuss the possibility that the deficiency can be corrected. For example, if no evaluation was planned, the reviewer will discuss with the activity manager feasible ways to meet this requirement. Every reasonable effort will be made to work with applicants toward a positive outcome.

A decision is usually provided in a few days, but may require as long as two weeks due to variations in the workload of the CME Office. Thus, it is requested that applications be submitted at least four (4) weeks in advance of any deadline that may concern the activity planners.

The Office of Continuing Medical Education reserves the right to withdraw approval for Category 1 credit hours from any activity, at any time, should it become apparent that there have been significant deviations from the ACCME Criteria. The CME Office takes responsibility for providing accurate information on how the ACCME requirements can be fulfilled. It is the activity manager’s responsibility to be sure that the Criteria are observed in practice.


Because of the staff time involved in assuring that accreditation requirements are observed, a non-refundable application fee of $500 will be charged for one time activities and for Enduring Materials application approvals. The fee is for Grand Rounds and similar Regularly Scheduled Series activities originating in the Departments and Divisions of the School of Medicine, effective for new series beginning on or after June 1, 2021 is $450 for the application, plus $60 per session. Contact the Director of Continuing Medical Education for information or questions regarding fees.


    • Submit an Application for CME Credit – CME Application Please email or call Adam Tipton (573/882-0366) should you have any questions or concerns regarding the preparation of your application.
    • Associate Director of Continuing Medical Education (Thom Pancella) indicates whether the activity is approved for AMA PRA Category 1 credit.
    • If approved, you may proceed with the activity as indicated in your application. If the activity changes in a way that makes the information in your application obsolete (such as new learning objectives or a difference in schedule), please provide the new information to the CME staff reviewer.
    • If your application was not acceptable, CME staff will work with you to explore ways to correct any problems, if possible.
    • Upon completion of a one-time activity, you will need to submit a Post Activity Report. If the activity is a Regular Scheduled Series such as Grand Rounds, you will need to submit an Interim report along with the required documentation materials at six months, and a Final report with required documentation annually.*
    • *We require a new application, even for continuing activities, on an annual basis.


Data on participants is entered into the CME database. The Office of Continuing Medical Education does not provide the activity participants with a certificate. Providing certificates upon the completion of an activity is at the discretion of the activity manager. The Office of CME will provide a transcript upon request. For transcript information, please contact Adam Tipton via email at or request in writing via fax at 573/882-5666. For questions regarding transcripts, please call the CME Office at 573/882-4105.

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Updated 06/09/21